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"True love stories never have endings."

-Richard Bach

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About the Company

Up North Events specializes in wedding management packages for couples who are doing most of the planning on their own. You feel comfortable hiring vendors and picking out your decorations, but want a professional to oversee the details in the final weeks and coordinate your wedding day. That's where we come in! Whether you need someone to decorate your space while you get ready, oversee the entire wedding day, offer expert advice, or all of the above, we're here for you.

We work with all different kinds of couples who have one thing in common: they want their wedding day to be meaningful, genuine, relaxed, and FUN. We like to discover the small details that make your celebration unique to you - little bits of your family history, special cultural traditions, and other personal touches. We believe in true love with open minds and open hearts.

Although based in Charlevoix, we are happy to travel for weddings all over Northern Michigan. We are in love with this beautiful region, which provides some of the most stunning backdrops for celebrations, and has a certain essence that makes it very special both to those who visit and to those who call it home. We strive to help you capture that "Up North" worry-free spirit on your wedding day. We can't wait to hear what getting married Up North means to you. 

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Jenna Koeller, Owner

As the owner and lead wedding coordinator of Up North Events, I get to combine my knowledge of business management with my passion for weddings. After a brief period studying interior design in Chicago, I returned to my hometown of Grand Rapids and began pursuing my dream of becoming a wedding planner. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management with an emphasis in event planning and a minor in business from Grand Valley State University.

I moved Up North shortly after graduating and began my career coordinating weddings at Castle Farms in Charlevoix. I have worked for several different venues and now enjoy traveling around wherever my events take me. I have experience coordinating over 100 weddings and have worked with tons of fantastic wedding professionals in the area.

I place a lot of emphasis on continued learning in the industry, which has led me to attend the Wedding MBA convention in Las Vegas every other year. Each time I return with renewed excitement and all kinds of information on trends, technology, management, and more to apply to the business and improve our client experience.

Let's Get Personal

I love everything about Northern Michigan! Each town has its own character and so much to explore. We live on a beautiful property in the tiniest village just south of Charlevoix, and enjoy occasional trips to our off-grid cabin in the countryside of Harbor Springs. "We" means my super supportive husband (Tim), our two young kids, and two wily dogs. We also have seven ducks! Together, we are building a small farm of sorts.

I am passionate about the environment and health and wellness. I love to shop local and am always seeking out natural products. I also enjoy thrifting and am constantly re-decorating and re-organizing our home. I'm a perfectionist - for better or for worse. In my free time (have you ever heard of such a thing?) I enjoy reading, going for walks, attending area events, visiting local eateries, and watching movies with my family. My newest hobby is gardening and it absolutely thrills me to grow my own food and flowers. I'm a chocolate and wine lover. Oh, and I'm obsessed with wedding cakes! Here's the 5-tier beauty from my own wedding in 2014. 

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Working with Up North Events

I like to get to know you and chat about what brought you together and what brings you to Northern Michigan for your wedding. I am super friendly, but also very professional in my interactions with couples and their vendors. I have a specific process for each of my packages and will guide you every step of the way. 

Most of the couples we work with are downstate or out-of-state, so a lot of meetings happen over the phone or virtually. When couples are in town, I like to meet in a nearby park or coffee shop. You can expect a relaxed and down-to-earth vibe during meetings. I am very organized, take notes like crazy, and ask a lot of questions to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

On your wedding day, I am focused and "in the zone". Depending on the complexity of your event, I may bring an assistant along. We prefer to remain behind-the-scenes while directing your vendor team and pulling everything together, making the event look effortless from the guest perspective. 

Enough about us! Share your story...

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